Sweat 4 Service brings people together in a fitness setting, to benefit various non-profit organizations around the DFW metroplex to do something more for those who have less.

Sebastian and Carley founded Sweat 4 Service as a way to join their mutual love of fitness and philanthropy. Some of the foundational elements of their relationship are gratitude, giving, and service to those who have less. Carley coordinated community service events at her job in the corporate environment and Sebastian wanted to create something similar in his own fitness realm. The idea grew into a bimonthly event centered around a community workout with requests for in kind donations. Each event serves a different charity in the area and the class styles are new and fresh each time.


Sweat 4 Service has been in operation for 3 years, and have hosted over 15 events. Carley and Sebastian do not have the slightest intention of stopping any time soon!

Founders Darius Yancy and Carley Yancy


Founders Darius Yancy and Carley Yancy partner with non-profit organizations in the DFW area to do something more for those who have less!


P: 214-600-6027

E: sweat4service@gmail.com

Sweat 4 Service is a nonprofit organization. 

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